New Leaf have created a qualification suitable for all our students

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Through this qualification you will have fun and gain a lot of
skills and knowledge to help you in your education and your life, including skills for work at Levels 2 & 3.

The Award is made up of 3 levels. We will help you decide what level is best for you. If you are at New Leaf for more than 1 year, you can do more levels. Each level has a number of sections which you can work though in any order whilst doing any of the New Leaf activities. You need to choose at least one challenge from each section, but you can complete more if you want to. You will get a certificate after you complete each challenge. At the end of every 5 challenges you will receive a prize and on completion of a whole level you will receive an engraved trophy.

The Challenge areas are:

  • Developing confidence

  • Communication

  • Functional English (reading and writing)

  • Functional mathematics

  • Practical skills

  • Relationship building and teamwork

  • Self esteem, achievement and pride

  • Know how to keep yourself safe

  • Care for your environment

  • Care for others (including animals)

  • Problem solving

  • Career planning and work experience

  • Become a leader


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