Family Respite

These sessions focus on developing communication, confidence and social skills as well as having fun. We particularly focus on engagement and fostering interaction with staff, family members and with the animals.


Many of the children that we work with have autism. Some are non-verbal, some exhibit behaviour that challenges and some also have learning difficulties.

We have a number of children with high functioning autism (previously known as Asperger’s) and atypical autism and we regularly have children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We work with a number of individuals with mental health conditions.

Our Family Sessions serve the whole family and not just the child with special needs, so activities are planned to include all family members and are tailored to individual needs and interests.

Parents are present and can choose to take part as much as they wish or can choose to sit back and relax and let us work with the children. The individuals we help currently range from age 2½ to young adults aged up to 21.