Meet Our Team


​"I'm the cheeky mini Shetland pony at New Leaf Triangle. I am very friendly and love being groomed and being around people. I hope you like my new trick!"


"I'm Star the pony. I have worked with children all my life and I love it. I love playing games and eating polos. We can have a fun time together and I will look after you."



"I'm Beauty the cob. I love everyone and enjoy being brushed, and I especially like to have my long mane braided. I will give you the confidence to experiences new things, even having a go at jousting!"


"I'm Slinky, a hand reared British Alpine dairy type goat. I am very friendly but very greedy! I walk on a lead and have learnt to jump from log to log. I hope to learn more tricks soon. "


"I am Rex, and I live with my brother Woody. Our dad was a pygmy goat so we are quite small. We are gentle and you can groom us and give us treats which we both love."


"We like to be around the yard when you visit and are always looking for a treat! We will eat from your hand. Some of us lay eggs and we sell them to buy new equipment!"


​"I'm George, the Chihuahua and I'm in charge of everything. My most important job is inspecting everyone's bags, to check for treats, before curling up in a nice warm place for a nap in our log cabins on the cosy blankets."


“Hi I’m Rhubarb, My sister and I came to New Leaf as Piglets in October 2018! We are actually Micro pigs but we're much bigger than you think, We may surprise you! We’ve been together our whole lives and we look forward to meeting you!”


"I am Holly a chihuahua cross. This isn't actually my fulltime job but I love coming up to meet everyone on the summer camps. If you do come up to meet me please can I have a big cuddle because i like that. I also love people throwing me a ball."


"I'm Fred the Labrador! I love to play hide and seek, search and rescue, woodland games and hug people. I’ve just got back after a short time helping raise my Human little brother! I love to meet new people especially if they like to play catch! …..Catch you soon!” 


“Hello there, My name is Rose and I’m the rescue duck! New Leaf Triangle re-homed me when I didn’t lay enough eggs where I used to be. I’m much happier here, I can roam over all of the fields. I like finding lots of grubs to eat and I love to play in the muddiest of places!”


"Im Mary, one of the four guinea pigs here at New Leaf Triangle! I was born in November 2016 and joined the team in March 2017. ​I'm a very friendly guinea pig and I love having cuddles but that's only if you can catch me first!"


"Hi, I'm Ivy another one of New Leaf's guinea pigs, just like Mary I was born in November 2016 and joined the New Leaf team in March 2017. I am the guinea pig with the least amount of colour on me, make sure not to get me mixed up with my sister, Holly!"

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"I'm Tyler, the horse. I have enjoyed a quiet life of hacking with my family. I have been brought up with children and I am always there to provide confidence to new riders. Recently I needed an operation as I had a painful condition in my Left eye called Uveitis. The poorly eye was removed and I am a much happier Horse, Still as foot perfect as ever!  You can always rely on me!”


"I'm Pickle, the Welsh Pony. I love cuddles and being brushed, and I am also very quiet to ride. I'm looking forward to meeting you all!"


"I’m Wexford but all my friends call me Wendy. I used to be in the Household Cavalry and I have had lots of adventures in London – I’ve even seen the Queen. I was in the cavalry for 18 years and have enjoyed spending time with families at New Leaf for over 5 years! I have recently retired but I love to visit New Leaf in the spring and eat lots of Delicious grass!"


"Hi, My name is Harley, although I do like the nickname Harlequin and Quinto! I’m one of the big horses, My favourite hobby is horseback archery, I love to canter down the range!  Also I enjoy helping students with their horse care courses and love meeting new people!” 


"I'm Rocky, one of New Leaf's newest horses and have been with the team since June 2017, after being brought up by a local family. I was born in 2009. My position at New Leaf includes being used for pulling a carriage and horse riding. Whenever I get put in the play paddock I try to have a go on the swing!" 


"​I'm Buzz, a hand reared Toggenburg diary type  goat. I am very friendly but rather cheeky! I walk on a lead and have started to learn some tricks like following a football. I love having my horns decorated!"


"Hello I'm Custard, and I'm Rhubarbs sister. We like to eat lots of carrots and crab apples. We love when we get tummy scratches and a good brush, its out favourite! We may even fall asleep on your lap!"


"I'm Woody. I'm not as boistrous and lively as my brother but I still love treats. We have learned some tricks - to stand on logs, kiss, say please and jump up when asked. Our favourite is kissing!!"

Bigwig and Bluebell

"Hi! I'm Bigwig and this is my girlfriend Bluebell. We arrived at New Leaf in August 2017 after we were very kindly donated by one of the families who visits and enjoys New Leaf Triangle!  We are Flemish Giant crosses and we were born in January 2014. Come along and give us a GIANT cuddle!"


"I'm Peter, a wild rabbit born in early June 2017.  I was just a few days old when I was found with my 3 siblings in a nest after our mother had been unfortunately killed; as I was only a few days old my eyes weren't even open yet! I was hand reared and now I am continuing my journey at New Leaf. Although I behave very differently from a domestic rabbit, I am very confident with people who have the right approach and I can teach our students a lot!"


"I'm Holly, the 4th and final guinea pig! Just like my sisters I was born in November 2016 and joined New Leaf in March 2017. Come along to New Leaf and have a look at my crazy hair do, it's something you don't want to miss out on!"

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