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New Leaf Triangle staff have trained in Horse Boy method with Rupert Isaacson and receive his ongoing support.


Listen to his story as reported by the BBC in August 2014 by clicking the picture (above) or find out more about Horse Boy Foundation by visiting the website (below).

These sessions help learners to gain an understanding of themselves, their own body language, the energy that they are portraying and how that affects their family and others around them. When ready, they can progress to therapeutic work with the horses, initially on ropes and then ridden. The sessions develop self-esteem, confidence, empathy, problem solving ability, ability to work with others and to cope in what they may perceive as fearful situations.

Learners may progress to training the animal through positive reinforcement methods. This could include any species and can progress to teaching tricks or completing agility courses.

Communication, interaction, fun and relaxation is a large part of what this course delivers. Following the sessions, the New Leaf Triangle Team can assist in reintegrating learners back into an educational establishment, if required. Sessions are individualised and tailored to the needs of the learner. Students can attend with staff from another provider, family members or be supported by New Leaf Triangle staff.



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