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Green Woodworking

New Leaf Triangle (cic) offers the opportunity to learn how to do green woodworking, a traditional craft. Incorporating maths and English into the designs and preparation of their work, students are able to create a variety of wooden pieces using specialist tools.

Students are able to make an assortment of different things in our green woodworking centre. These can range from wooden mushrooms to three-seater benches.

By encouraging the students to plan and design their own creations, they are able to develop their problem solving and independent working skills. Not only this, but students are encouraged to measure the lengths of materials needed for their woodwork which incorporates functional maths skills.

Students use double handled draw knives, axes, chopping blocks, froes, saws, hand drills and other traditional tools. For the wood whittling they sit on 'shave horses', as were used in bygone times.

Using these tools develops a sense of responsibility and trust. The environment and the wood working processes themselves can be very therapeutic.

Students are often surprised by what they can achieve and proud of their creations, boosting confidence and self esteem. Their achievements can also be recognised through the New Leaf Challenge Awards.

Student Showcase

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