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Meet Our Animals



“Hi, I’m Beauty! I am such a trustworthy girl who takes care of all her riders and handlers on the ground. I absolutely love being brushed, especially if you braid my long mane! I will give you the confidence to experience new things, even having a go at jousting!”



“Hi, I’m Finley! I am a cheeky little Shetland with a big personality. I can be quite shy at first but once I get to know you I will give you lots of kisses and I will smile at you (it’s my party trick)! I love going on walks and sometimes I am lucky enough to have a little passenger on board! Maybe we can go on a walk sometime when you come to see us?”



“Hi, I’m Mary! I am a very gentle girl who takes care of all her riders. I can be ridden by all ages and abilities. I love helping people to find their confidence in the saddle. I also like to be handled on the ground and teach students how to use their body language to communicate with me and for them to learn how to understand mine. I also won’t say no to a polo!”



“Hi, I’m Beau! I’m New Leaf’s adorable baby bunny. I am a brave little boy who loves cuddles and attention. I like exploring and making friends with all the students.”



“Hi, I’m Maxey. I live with my sister Mumbles. We are two of New Leaf’s bunny rabbits. We are really friendly and love being brushed and cuddled. We have special harnesses that we can be walked on. I love to explore! When you come to meet us, be sure to have a cuddle and feel how soft we are!”



“Hi, I’m Rex! I am little, like my brother Woody, as I am also part pygmy goat. I am a very cheeky goat and like to jump out of my pen and free range around the site. I like to be brushed and go on walks in the woods. I am very smart and like to do tricks - I am very good at giving kisses! My favourite thing to do is lie in the manege in the sun and watch the students ride the horses.”



“Hi, we are Rose and Floki. Floki was a duckling when she first came to New Leaf and now she is bigger than me! As a chick, Floki had to be assisted out of her shell and so she needs lots of extra special care and attention.We lay yummy eggs that the students either cook with or the staff sell to raise money for more resources. We can usually be found splashing around in our pond.”



“Hi I’m Sydney but my friends call me Syd! You will normally find me at Site 2. I am a playful puppy who provides the entertainment at New Leaf. I love to play with my friends and chill out in the sun. I’m pretty sure I grow taller every day…maybe you can measure how tall I am when you come and see me?”



“Hi, I’m Sox! I am a very friendly boy who has recently joined the team at New Leaf Triangle. I help a range of students, from those who just want to have a cuddle to those working on horse care qualifications. I love going on adventures with my friends – we recently went hacking across Wales! I have also discovered my love for horseback archery!”



“Hi, I’m Velvet! I’m a very sweet girl who is currently on maternity leave. I love being groomed and helping students learn how to ride. I work with both the younger and older students and I can't wait to get back to doing what I love!"



“Hi, I’m Jazz! At New Leaf, students can conduct my regular health checks, work with me on the ground and lead me around obstacle courses! I am a very sweet girl who loves a fuss and lots of treats!”

guinea pigs.jpg

Marmite & Toast

"Hi! We are Marmite (black) and Toast (brown)! We are New Leaf's guinea pigs. We are two loving girls who adore being cuddled and fussed. Students like to make us fruit salads as well as design us house and toys to play with in green woodworking!"



“Hi, I’m Mumbles. I live with my sister Maxey. We are two of New Leaf’s bunny rabbits. We are really friendly and love being brushed and cuddled. I love it when students make us a fruit salad!”



“Hi, I’m Rhubarb, Custard’s sister. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for a belly scratch! I love belly scratches so much that I will often fall asleep! Students like to have quiet time with me as I am so gentle. I also like to do pig agility and learn tricks. I am very good at sitting on command! I will be your friend forever if you give me treats too!”



“Hi, I’m Charlie and these are my chicken friends Dorito. Rupert, Wednesday, Luna, Albus and Bubbles. I know that is a lot of names to remember but we all have very unique personalities and so when you get to know us, it is easy to remember who is who. We love free ranging around New Leaf and will often come over and say hello and see if you have any treats. Rupert, Albus and I are the cockerels and we love to say hello by cock-a-doodle-dooing as loud as we can. Dorito, Wednesday, Luna, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup all lay yummy eggs that we sell to buy new resources.”



“Hi, I’m Apple! You will usually find me at Site 2. I love to sunbathe with my friends and have cuddles. You will often see me not far from a ball. My favourite thing to do is play fetch and I will play all day long if you have the energy to keep up with me! If you throw the ball for me we will be best friends forever!”



"Hi, I'm Jasmine! I am a New Leaf Triangle's latest addition. I am a very sweet and people orientated pony. I love to follow you around for cuddles and when you sit with me if I'm sleeping in the field. Despite being new, I work with students of all abilities and ages and have taken to my new job exceptionally well!"



“Hi, I’m Marengo! I am Velvet’s foal and New Leaf’s 2 for 1 deal! I am a very bold and cheeky baby. I like to help the staff poo pick my field and I provide daily entertainment for all of the students. I’ll be sure to put on a show for you or win you over with my cuteness if you come to see me!”



“Hi, I’m Sauron! I am a big friendly giant who will be sure to give you a boost in confidence. I am very gentle and help students with their horse care skills both on the ground and in the saddle. I really enjoy horseback archery and going out on hacks.”


Mr Kipling

"Hi! I am Mr Kipling! I am New Leaf's male guinea pig. I am a lovely, fluffy boy who loves cuddles. I can be a bit shy as I am still quite new to New Leaf, but I am getting braver each day. I have luscious, long locks, which require lots of extra grooming, so be sure to grab a brush when you come to see me!" 



“Hi, I’m Buzz! I am a hand-reared Toggenburg dairy type goat. I am super-duper friendly and can be quite a cheeky goat. I am very clever and know lots of tricks like spinning, paw and walking on a lead. Maybe when you come to visit we can go on a walk in the woods together? I would love that!”



“Hi, I’m Custard, Rhubarb’s sister. I am a very friendly and clever pig who loves doing pig agility and having belly scratches. My favourite thing to do is take a mud bath in my wallow and then lie in the sun and have a nap. I love foraging for fruit and vegetables in my pen that have been hidden by the students. I learn peoples voices so be sure to say hello to me and I will always remember who you are!”



“Hi, I’m George! I am actually in charge of New Leaf. You will often see me patrolling the sites checking that everything is in order. My most important job is inspecting everyone’s bags, to check for treats, before curling up in a nice warm place for a nap in our log cabins on the cosy blankets. I love to do agility and horse riding. Maybe we can do it together when you come to visit!?”



“Hi, I’m Holly! This isn’t my full time job but I love coming up to meet everyone now and again. If you do see me around New Leaf, please feel free to come over and say hello! I absolutely love cuddles and when people throw a ball for me!”



“Hi, I’m Pickle! I have retired from ridden work but I still love to have cuddles and a good groom. I also like to learn new tricks! I can’t wait to meet you!”



“Hi I’m Jack! I am an exceptionally talented horse who was set to have a promising career as an eventer. I had to have a career change when I unfortunately injured myself but I have proven to be an equally amazing therapy horse. I am extremely safe and the horse care students love having lessons on me. I love being loose schooled and having the opportunity to show off my incredible jumping skills!”



“Hi, I’m Bellamoon! I am a beautiful bunny with a huge personality! I absolutely love it when students prepare me a fruit salad or pick me my favourite flower – marigolds!”

rat girls.jpg


"Hi! We are New Leaf's rats. We are 4 sisters called Cashew, Pecan, Peanut and Almond. We have been a great addition to New Leaf's team of animals. The students love to interact with us and let us sit on their shoulders. We love to snuggle in everyone's jumpers and coats and play with the toys the students have made us!"



“Hi, I’m Woody! I am part pygmy goat so I am quite little, just like my brother Rex. I am a very sweet goat who loves going on walks and being brushed. I like to learn tricks and I’m very good at standing on my stool! I love it when students go and look for my favourite snacks around New Leaf and make me enrichment toys with their findings!”



“Hi, I am Victoria, the goose at New Leaf Triangle. I am a very sensitive girl but I'm getting more and more confident every day. I love free ranging around New Leaf and finding lots of yummy things to eat. I enjoy having a paddle in the pond and absolutely love it when students prepare me my favourite treat – watermelon!”



“Hi, I’m Lottie! I am a very loving puppy who loves to share the love with everyone! I love to learn new tricks, go on adventures in the woods and take part in the woodland activities. I also love to curl up on the sofa with you and have a cuddle. Let’s go for a walk together when you come to visit me!”



"Hi, I'm Walter! I am very new to New Leaf. I love everyone and all the animals. I love it when people give me treats but not too many as I am only a puppy. I can't wait for the rest of my adventures at New Leaf!"

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