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What We Do

New Leaf Triangle's prime focus is to support young people with engagement and the development of communication, interaction, confidence, self-esteem, regulation of own behaviour and emotions, independence and the development of positive relationships with staff, other learners and animals.

We offer a programme of education that can be delivered to suit learners of any age who need an alternative curriculum. Outdoor practical activities, including horse and animal interaction, Forest school and Green woodworking activities are used to engage and assist learners in gaining English, maths, science and life skills alongside gains in personal development


All students at New Leaf have 1:1 support and a personalised programme. They are assessed in areas of communication, social and emotional skills and set targets in these areas which are tracked throughout the programme. Students may also work on targets for Maths and English and vocational skills as well as targets from School and EHCPs.


Therapeutic ground work, with the horses and animals, and riding may be used to engage learners, to develop communication, self-esteem, self-belief, confidence, increase their independence and develop balance, coordination and core strength. This work can be very powerful and some of our children with autism have increased their verbal communication significantly through these sessions.

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