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Meet Our Staff

Lorraine Squires Shaw

Lorraine Squires Shaw.png

Executive Director

"I have worked with children & young people with autism, SEMH and learning difficulties for over 30 years. I was previously the Principal of a successful, innovative Independent Specialist College. I am a qualified teacher with a degree in Autism and a lot of animal experience. I have completed my BHS Stage 3 groom qualification."

Troy Shaw

Troy Shaw.png

Executive Director

"I have a life long background  with horses from playing polo  to medieval jousting. I am a former guardsman in the Household Cavalry where I took part in many renowned ceremonial duties including ‘Trooping the Colour’. At the pinnacle of my cavalry career, I was a senior instructor on the Riding Staff and was responsible for training new horses and recruits. I now specialise in training nervous riders and horses. I am also a Level 3 qualified Forest School instructor, as well as a qualified archery instructor and BHAA Advanced Horseback Archery Instructor. ”

Jeanette MacGregor

Jeanette MacGregor.jpg


"I am a voluntary director with a high level of skills and qualifications and take an advisory roles. I have been one of the NLT Directors since September 2019. I initially joined the team in April 2016, following early retirement from a business management career, and I helped set up New Leaf's HR, finance and marketing systems. Now I provide knowledge and advice to New leaf from a business and finance perspective."

Lydia Gibson


Operations Manager

"I have worked in the field of learning disabilities for over 20 years, in a variety of settings including; health and social care, day services and family support. More recently I was the finance, HR and administration manager for a local charity. I have been involved with New Leaf Triangle in various ways since the start, helping with summer activities and fundraising etc. I am so excited to be back in this truly fantastic and unique place with such a wonderful group of people and animals."

Kath Carter


Business Manager

"My role at New Leaf is to arrange student and family bookings and communications, manage the accounts, and support the team with a range of administrative and HR tasks. Before this role, I spent 20 years working with schools and young people across the East Midlands, including as director of a Teaching School in Lincolnshire and as a manager at the Department for Education, supporting school improvement and teacher training. I am also a foster carer with Leicestershire County Council and coordinate our local carers’ support group.”

Laura Jackson


Operations Support Manager

"Growing up in the countryside myself, I have always been around animals and nature. I have loved the outdoors and enjoyed exploring the countryside on horse back or with my two dogs. Since starting at New Leaf Triangle in July 2016 I have developed a passion for alternate education in an outdoor setting. I have since gained a Level 1 forest school accreditation and love being in the woodland. My favourite thing about working at New Leaf is the fun we have each and every day! It is a pleasure to work alongside the NLT team and animals."

Bryony Thurlow


Continuous Improvement Manager

"I began riding at the age of 5 which eventually led to me studying my Bsc Equine Science degree.  During my time studying, I discovered the power that animal therapies and energy work have on people’s mental health and well being.  I trained with the LEAP model of EFL work in 2017 and have loved supporting young people through the great outdoors and animals ever since."

Emily Field


Vocational Coordinator

"For as long as I can remember animals and the outdoor world have been a big part of my life. I’ve ridden since an early age and whilst volunteering at a riding school and riding for the disabled group decided to pursue a career in equine and animal assisted learning and therapies. I have an equine degree and am also trained in Horse Boy method to level 3."

Jade Townend


Animals and Facilities Coordinator

"I love being in the countryside around nature and animals. I will often go for long walks around the countryside with my dogs or my horse. I studied at Brooksby Equestrian Centre for 3 years achieving my, Level 2 diploma in horse care and management, Level 3 Diploma in horse care and management, BHS stage 1, BHS stage 2 and BHS ride safe. Working at New Leaf is brilliant and I am proud to say that I am part of the team!"

Phoebe Jackson


Maths, English & Communication Tutor

"I’ve always lived in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside surrounding New Leaf Triangle and I love that being outdoors and in nature is now part of my job. I have previously volunteered with children and worked as an au pair and I find working with children and young people incredibly rewarding. One of my favourite things about working at New Leaf is that everyday is different! Outside of work you’ll find me at the stables and enjoying the countryside on horseback or occasionally with cows, sheep and chickens!"

Clair Wakefield


Session Leader

"I love being outdoors working with animals and especially horses; they have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I am currently working towards my BHS coaching pathway. I believe being outdoors is great for the body and mind. I began working as a session leader at New Leaf Triangle in September 2020 and have enjoyed becoming part of a great team. The most enjoyable part of working here is that no two days are the same."

Lauren Rowlinson


Session Leader

"I have always had a passion for animals, horses in particular, and they have helped me with my own personal development. I love sharing my passion with others as well as my love for being outdoors in nature. I have previously worked at an EFL centre and really connected with the idea of animals and nature helping people to restore calm and stability in their lives. I have just finished studying Equine Behaviour, Health and Welfare at university. I feel very privileged to now be a part of the amazing team at New Leaf Triangle."

Heidi Mota


Session Leader

"I grew up with a love of animls and with a passion for dogs, horses and the outdoors. I have always owned dogs but never had the opportunity to work with horses until now. In November 2021, I made the move from Essex to Lincolnshire and became part of the New Leaf Triangle team. That has given me the opportunity to learn more about horses and a variety of different animals alongside the students - we can learn together."

Kelly Black-Wood


Session Leader

"I have always had a passion for horses, dogs and all animals,  I have previously worked as a civilian groom in the House Hold Calvary. I am a BHS AI and Nvq assessor. I have loved helping  many children and adults to ride over the years. New Leaf Triangle for me is the ideal place to bring my passions together."

Charlotte Hammond


Session Leader

"I have always been around animals, horses in particular since I can remember and being at new leaf I love teaching the students all about the horses but the other animals too. Whilst being at new leaf I love learning all new things along with the students. Being at new leaf is very fun as you get to help give the students a great life."

Jack Darlington


Session Leader

"From as early as I can remember I've loved animals. I've grown up with a number of cats and dogs, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, horses and pigs. I've worked in a variety of environments with children and young people of a variety of different abilities and backgrounds, including residential care and PGL. I now have my own daughter, so the majority of my life outside of work is spent with her. But when I do get a rare moment
to myself, I enjoy spending time painting miniatures for gaming."

Mica Abrahams-Blake


Session Leader

"I started at New Leaf in January 2024 but I already feel part of the team. I’ve always been able to work with both animals and children/young people together and I’ve worked with many animals over the years, mostly horses and birds of prey which I am obsessed with! Birds, horses and guinea pigs are my absolute favourite animals. At New Leaf all the staff have such a vast range of knowledge and high standards of care towards both students and animals so I’m really looking forward to all that I can learn being here and I feel really blessed to be part of the team."

Hannah Welbourn


Session Leader

"From an early age being outside with animals, especially horses, has been a major part of my life. Previously, I have worked with riding school ponies as well as top competition horses, whilst also having horses of my own. I am excited to work alongside the New Leaf Triangle horses and other animals to get more young people discovering the benefits and the joy that comes with it!"

Jennifer Yarwood


Session Leader

"Having grown up on a farm in Wales I was destined for a career alongside animals in the great outdoors. I served 15 years in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps as a dog trainer and upon leaving the Military I worked in a school and specialised in working with children with SEND. I believe in the positive impact animals can have to improve mental health and wellbeing and have worked in Africa using rhinos and hippos and a variety of other animals for animal assisted therapy for people that have been through trauma. Here at New Leaf Triangle I can work with children and adults and be outdoors with animals so it's a perfect fit for me."

Katie Scotney


Session Leader

"I have been lucky to work with a variety of animals in my career. I have previously worked at a farm park, a dog and cat rescue and more recently at a Further Education college teaching the practical aspects of animal management, where I was able to work with all different species of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and invertebrates. It was there that I found a love for sharing knowledge and showing young people how rewarding it is to work with animals. I look forward to sharing that with the students at NLT, whilst continuing to grow my own knowledge and skill set.

Mandy Cubitt


Horse and Animal Care Worker

"I have loved being around animals from a young age. I believe they provide a calm that you don’t find in the human world. It has been my passion to work with animals for a long time. My background is in the banking and education sectors but more recently with an animal rescue centre and a veterinary practice. I have a Foundation Degree in Animal Management and Zoology and have been lucky to spend time volunteering at a safari park in Thailand, a city farm in London and a turtle conservation centre in Costa Rica. I am an animal welfare advocate and look forward to providing the best standards for the animals at New Leaf."

Dan Acton



"My role at New Leaf is to support the staff and look after the animals. You’ll usually find me in the stable or field as I mainly like being with the horses. I like being outdoors, whatever the weather. Currently, one of the students is teaching me how to ride for the first time by starting from the ground up. I have had a variety of opportunities over the last few years that have allowed me to develop my confidence and given me valuable skills. I have a level of understanding of what challenges some of the young people can face as being autistic myself I can relate. The path in life I chose led me to discovering the effect that animals, especially horses, can have on mental health. We live in a day and age of connection but yet more of us feel more disconnected than ever. I believe the answer has always been reconnection with nature by using animals. Being at New Leaf is such an incredibly great opportunity. Being a part of the students' learning journey, working along the amazing staff, words can not describe the gratitude I have for being here. I absolutely love working with animals."

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