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New Leaf Triangle Awards

New Leaf Triangle (cic) offers a range of alternative courses including the New Leaf Triangle Vocational Awards and the New Leaf Triangle Challenge Awards. Whilst these qualifications are not recognised as official qualifications, the transferable skills gained from completing them will teach students many life skills that will provide a steppingstone into potential future qualifications.

New Leaf Triangle Vocational Awards

The New Leaf Triangle Vocational Awards allow students to attain certificates for learning and completing a variety of different activities that are provided at New Leaf Triangle. These include animal care, horse care, life skills (road safety, group work and healthy living), farm animals and horticulture. The qualifications are broken down into different units which allows for a number of certificates to be awarded per qualification. This has been found to be motivational for those students who benefit from regular recognition of achievement and a visual representation of the things they are achieving whilst at New Leaf.

New Leaf Triangle Challenge Awards

The New Leaf Triangle Challenge Awards consists of three levels: bronze, silver and gold. This qualification is fun and progressive and allows for students to gain significant skills and knowledge to support them with education and life skills. The Challenge Awards are made up of 13 challenge areas:

  • Developing confidence,

  • Communication,

  • Functional English (reading and writing),

  • Functional mathematics,

  • Practical skills,

  • Relationship building and teamwork,

  • Self esteem, achievement and pride,

  • Know how to keep yourself safe,

  • Care for your environment,

  • Care for others (including animals),

  • Problem solving,

  • Career planning and work experience

  • Becoming a leader

Students select one challenge from each challenge area, evidence it in their challenge award book and after completing a challenge, students are awarded a certificate. After completing 5 areas, students are awarded a rosette and after completing all challenge areas for that particular level, the student is awarded a trophy.

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